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The Complete Backup Heating System!

No Power? No Problem!

Consider what you would do if the power was out for several days and your main heating system was not operating? This is the question that the engineers at Thelin™ Hearth Products responded to when consumers through out the US where dealing with this very problem.

Pellet Heater
Vertical Chimney

With all of the ice storms and power outages during a typical winter season one key question on the consumers mind is "How do I provide back up heat?" Today’s modern homes use many appliances to heat and cool. However, when the power goes out those appliances don't work.

Now you can say "We’ll just get a generator and the problem goes away". This of course is a very expensive undertaking as the average small home style generator will only power a small number of appliances and require special circuits and wiring to adapt.

Most power outages are resolved fairly quickly (however in the North East some customers were without power for days). This is where the Thelin™ DC Drive Pellet Heater shines... Thelin™ Pellet Heaters utilize a proprietary 12 volt DC drive technology to provide ultra low power consumption and up to 48 hours of continuous operation with a optional 30 amp/hr 12VDC battery. With the battery to power the heater’s systems the digital control system monitors AC power and charges the battery. When the AC power goes out the heater is already running on DC power so it never misses a beat. Amazingly this cutting edge technology is shared with all our pellet heaters including the Classic Series Parlour™ and Gnome™ models. Consider the antique "pot belly" style of stove with the latest technology drive system and a fuel saving Low average fuel burn of 1 1/2 lbs. per hour a true heating sensation.

Thelin™ Pellet Heaters are simple to install requiring only a minimum of 5’ vertical chimney (high wind areas, high altitude, or additional elbows will require additional vertical rise). With only 3" clearance to combustible walls and a non-combustible hearth pad your ready to go!

Today’s consumer is concerned about the environment, with low power consumption and alternative fuel, the Thelin™ Pellet Heater is perfect statement - "I’m doing my part".

Thelin™ Pellet Heaters are now manufactured in Carson City, NV. USA and have been in service for more than 25 years. A full line including 4 models all with battery backup is the best value in the industry.